Chase Home Value Estimator

You might get a better home value estimate asking Chevy Chase his opinion than other online sources.

Chase customers can take advantage of home value comps reports offered online but as accurate as one from your local relatorbecause they’re done by a local agent.  Chase offers a home estimator on its website but even they call it an estimator.  When you’re talking about a purchase thats usually six figures you need a more accurate assessment of a home’s value as 5 – 10% off could cost you tens of thousands over the duration of your mortgage.

Chase’s estimator notes this on the page. They’re basically saying here is a guess but don’t put money on it being accurate.

Guessing Home Value

Zillow, Trulia all offer estimates on a home’s value with little context about the neighborhood or the home.  They rely on reports from open records but those aren’t even available in about half the states they cover.

You can have the accuracy of an agent created report with the ease of an online site today.  RealEstateCompsToday.comcan usually provide you with the information that Chase Home Estimator doesn’t have access too in a couple days.

The ordering process is fast and accurate comps start at around $5.  So before you chase home value get an agent report to know how much you’re chasing.

Chase Mortgage Home Value Estimate Challenge

A recent article on this very subject includes a mock home value search.  The challenge is before you accept the value provided by these automatic guessing sites, compare 3 or 4 other sites.  If you get a difference of more than 10% those tools failed your challenge and you should get an accurate home comp.


Legal, Medical, Technology, Fitness and Business Mentor Partnerships

Mentors serve in every field and sometimes unlike professors or instructors these real world practitioners can offer insight into fields of study that can only be experienced.

University Sites, which operates several university themed sites, has partnered with several professionals in fields that are complementary with the majors and ambitions of student members.  We are working to make these mentors available to interested students.  These professionals include:[wpts_spin]


Chris Coffman an independent defense attorney practicing in Kentucky for nearly a decade.  Chris specializes in a range of legal fields ranging from criminal defense, Divorce Law and Business Contracts including Real Estate law.  His law site includes a Question and Answer tool for short and quick legal discussion.

Armand Judah a lawyer in Louisville, KY for forty years  who has experience in many fields including civil litigation, family law, divorce law, probate law and criminal defense.


Dr. Kim Murray a leading plastic surgeon in Florida who specializes in Rhinoplasty at his clinic in Miami.  Dr. Murray has managed to maintain time for his music interest while practicing for over a decade.

Nutrition Health and Fitness

Traci Danielson  is a popular health blogger who has written books on what makes us youthful and healthy past our twenties.  Traci’s diet and exercise tips  remain solid and true.  A spoiler alert, the worst thing you may be eating today for breakfast are those bagged fake eggs.

Entrepreneurism and Real Estate

Lori Greene is a Real Estate coach and partner with her sister offering home comparison reports online that include the convenience of large sites such as Zillow and Chase Home Value but provides a unique distinctive product using a network of local real estate agents to provide the most accurate home comps reports online.

Travel and Experiences

Burning Man has grown into an iconic event that tops many people’s bucket list.  Before you walk out into the desert you may need to understand what it takes to live in Black Rock City.   He may be one of the most interesting men to blog.  Brian Henry is your guide to Everything Burning Man, as a seasoned Burner he offers insights into the event, ticket process and costumes.

Information Technology Managed Services

Global Point works with other businesses providing IT consulting services on a range of needs including networking, cloud computing and disaster recovery.  Greg Zejer serves as our resident technologist there and brings technology management expertise from Sharepoint servers to contracted help desk teams.

Mentor Panel

The university sites will work to rotate these professionals through the various school sites and we anticipate being able to provide additional professionals to these student communities shortly.

To learn more about these professionals check out their sites and keep a watch out for our mentor’s hosted discussions with your student communities. [/wpts_spin]


Louisville Real Estate Attorney Site – Chris Coffman

We had a little fun with the name I will admit that.  Honestly I wasn’t even aware that .rocks was a valid domain, it feels more like an 80s throwback which predates the internet.  With that said it is memorable and I’ve gone with it.

Chris Coffman is in fact an attorney in Louisville, KY whom I’ve known for twenty years.  Which is likely the only reason why he agreed to allow me to toss up a site in his name and SEO it.  Chris has been told over and over by the established attorneys in Louisville that a web site yields little result and that referrals are the means to gain clients.

I do not believe that is accurate.  Today, people find their spouse, music, work, pets and news online.  I do believe that if you fail to maintain a web site then sure, referrals are the only way a lawyer will attract clients.  If you only leave people with one avenue to reach you then that will be the way most people find you.  But it’s important to realize that people can not find you in ways that you neglect.  No profession or business is beyond the internet and even people looking for legal representation likely begin their search online.

Site To Serve As Case Study

So for that reason I’ve picked up a side project to build into a legal site that brings relevant clients and traffic.

Criminal Defense

Drug Charges both Possession and Trafficking 

Real Estate Contracts including Commercial Contracts and Business Law

Family Law

Divorce Law

Louisville Attorney Chris Coffman is now represented on if you’ve received a DUI or a traffic ticket you do need an attorney.  The justice system in Louisville, KY can either send you into a downhill tumble or you can be guided out of the trip falls.  The Jefferson County Attorney and his prosecutors don’t get elected for how much justice they seek, it is all about convictions.  You are just another notch in their crusade to keep Louisville’s jails overcrowded and to squeeze as much money out of anyone’s pocket that has the misfortune of finding themselves needing a defense.

If you’ve been hurt and are seeking damages from an insurance company you need a lawyer.  They have a lawyer and it is in their best interest to pay you as little as they have too.  Personal injury law is complicated and often they will take advantage of the situation if you lack an attorney.

Through this new site Louisville residents can book consultations with Chris, read about his work and even submit a question that Chris can answer on the site.  Check it out, Chris practices law in Kentucky and is often in Lexington, Frankfort and many other KY cities.